Over the last few weeks I've been enjoying photographing my friend Neill's birds of prey. First a few dis-claimers, all of the birds are captive bred and have been rescued by Neill from bad homes, in fact the kestrel and the barn owl used to live in what was virtually a budgie cage. They have been photographed in a way to hide the jesses and ring or the ring has been cloned out. Also the buzzard is sitting on a road kill pheasant so gamekeepers please don't shoot buzzards because of the picture, we were told it would have been better if we had shot a rabbit to use though instead amazing. 
 That over with first up is Molly the kestrel, she came over to my woodland feeding station to enjoy a bath in the reflection pool during the recent heatwave below are a few pictures 
 Next up Tito the barn owl came over one evening and we photographed her around the small holding, we were lucky with some beautiful light.
Next up is Neill's buzzard again please note the pheasant is road kill and if your an animal activist please note the birds were captive bred and rescued from bad homes, please do not make up stories to whip people up into a frenzy, look what happend when you thought you knew best and released mink. Also if your a internet troll please be aware that my website is not a democracy and I have a delete button.
 As I touched on in the last post, Neill Carden and I are setting up a fishing and photography business in North Wales near Bala, the website "Wild Bala" will hopefully go live shortly, but if anyone is interested in photographing these birds drop me an email.          


08/03/2013 18:59

These are just lovely


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